Putting clients first with tailored solutions to meet their needs.

We help simplify the financial lives of people throughout their lifetimes, however, there are a couple of stages where we get called in to help the most:

As you near retirement. Some of the best value we can provide is a sound retirement plan. 

Your financial planning will take a noticeable step up in complexity 3-5 years before you retire. There are many moving parts and questions that need to be answered. We are here to provide options, create an actionable plan, and be your long-term partner in a successful retirement and legacy plan.

As a business owner. We LOVE working with Airdrie small businesses. 

Whether just starting out and needing basic protection as an owner or key employee, covering health and dental benefits for staff, or implementing additional tax strategies for corporate investing, we have your back. Every business is unique in their needs, and we can help to uncover the best options.

As a new or growing family. Young families are one of our priorities to protect. 

There are many considerations around protection of assets, lifestyle, and health that should be established: ultimately assuring that you can weather any storm with confidence and peace of mind. Mortgage protection, life insurance, disability, critical illness insurance, health and dental, or needing guidance on investment planning.

  • Investment Advice – Simplifying your accounts and reducing your fees while eliminating risks that can be removed through diversification.
  • Retirement Planning – Planning your retirement date, walking you through your pension options and establishing safe spending rates to make sure your assets last a lifetime.
  • Risk Management & Insurance – Review your current coverage and making sure it aligns with your needs. Presenting options that will secure your estate.
  • Education Planning – Help determine appropriate savings options to ensure you can cover your family’s education goals.
  • Estate Planning – Plan out how to transfer your assets while minimizing tax consequences and making it easy for your family.